Crafting with Character: Insights from Twisted Turtle Studio

Unveil the Fun: Summer Solstice Treasure Hunt at Twisted Turtle Studio!
Jun 09, 2024
Join Twisted Turtle Studio's Summer Solstice Treasure Hunt from June 10th to 20th! Enjoy 15% off summer-themed products and find 10 hidden ☀️ icons across our website, Facebook, and Instagram for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Discover the fun and excitement while shopping for your favorite summer items!
How to Use a Rolling Mill Texture Plate: Rolling Mill Not Required!
Jun 06, 2024
Learn how to add intricate textures to your metal jewelry pieces using a rolling mill texture plate without a rolling mill. This step-by-step tutorial provides all the necessary supplies and detailed instructions to help you achieve stunning results. Perfect for both beginners and experienced metal artists, this guide covers everything from cutting and annealing your metal to creating beautiful, personalized designs. Discover the art of metal texturing and elevate your jewelry-making projects today!