Crafting with Character: Insights from Twisted Turtle Studio

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Jul 02, 2024
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Unveil the Fun: Summer Solstice Treasure Hunt at Twisted Turtle Studio!
Jun 09, 2024
Join Twisted Turtle Studio's Summer Solstice Treasure Hunt from June 10th to 20th! Enjoy 15% off summer-themed products and find 10 hidden ☀️ icons across our website, Facebook, and Instagram for a chance to win fantastic prizes. Discover the fun and excitement while shopping for your favorite summer items!
Stamped aluminum trinket dish by Kara McCracken of Cactus Hollow
May 31, 2024
Discover the secrets to mastering metal stamping on aluminum with our comprehensive guide tailored for jewelry makers. Learn about the essential tools, step-by-step techniques, and common mistakes to avoid to create stunning, personalized pieces. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced jeweler, this post offers valuable insights and advanced tips to elevate your metal stamping projects. Start crafting unique aluminum jewelry today with Twisted Turtle Studio!
Twisted Turtle Studio Featured Artist: Gloria Schotter
May 31, 2024
Join us at Twisted Turtle Studio as we celebrate our Featured Artist, Gloria Schotter. From her early love of crayons to her mastery of copper enameling, Gloria's art captures the essence of her travels and personal experiences. Her exquisite jewelry, inspired by the beauty of Hawaii, Alaska, and her beloved fur babies, evokes cherished memories and showcases nature's elegance. Discover Gloria's stunning collection and learn more about her artistic journey.