Twisted Turtle Studio

F0253 Teardrop Metal Blank

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Elevate Your Creative Projects with Artisan Metal Blanks

Discover the perfect canvas for your jewelry and art creations with our meticulously hand-crafted metal blanks. Crafted with care, these blanks are ideal for enamel work, metal stamping, and a wide range of artistic endeavors.

Choose from an array of premium materials, including 24-gauge copper, 18-gauge aluminum, and more. Our raw metal blanks have been thoughtfully sanded and polished to eliminate burrs while retaining their raw beauty. Please note that they may exhibit minor surface scratches, which can easily be addressed with some additional finishing or polishing.

For added protection, all our aluminum blanks come with a removable plastic sheet on the front, guarding them against any potential scratches during handling.

Select the quantity that suits your needs, with options available in packs of 4, 25, and 50. Plus, the more you buy, the more you save, making it easier than ever to fuel your creative endeavors. Create stunning pieces with confidence using our artisan metal blanks today!