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RMP0313 32 Diamonds Rolling Mill Plate


Elevate Your Metalworking with Our Hand-Etched Steel Plates

Introducing our meticulously hand-etched plates, expertly crafted from mild steel to elevate your metalworking projects. Each plate measures 2.5" in width, 7" in length, and boasts a sturdy 1/8" thickness. These versatile plates are designed for use with rolling mills, hydraulic presses, or manual techniques using a hammer and a firm medium (such as lead or a ball of aluminum foil). They are the perfect tool to effortlessly transfer intricate designs onto your annealed non-ferrous or precious metals.

Please keep in mind that these plates may exhibit some curling after running them through a rolling mill; this is a natural characteristic of the metal. Should you encounter this, a hydraulic press can effectively flatten them back out. It's worth noting that while our plates are designed for optimal performance, they are not recommended for use in economy rolling mills. Should you choose to use them in such equipment, please proceed at your own discretion and risk. Twisted Turtle Studio bears no responsibility for any equipment damage incurred while using these plates.

Please be aware that our plates are made to order, and the crafting process may take up to a week before shipping. By making a purchase, you agree to these terms, allowing us to provide you with top-quality tools for your creative endeavors. Elevate your metalwork with our hand-etched steel plates today!



Step 1: Anneal your metal
Step 2: Clean your metal. I recommend using Sparex.
Step 3: Texture your metal using the 32 diamonds rolling mill plate. When using your rolling mill, file folder down first, then your plate, metal and craft foam on top.
Step 4: You now have a beautiful imprint with 32 diamonds of all different patterns!
Step 5: Use the guidelines on the outer edges to mark your metal.
Step 6: Cut along your marked lines.
Step 7: Cut on the other lines to get your diamonds.
Step 8: You now have 32 diamonds, each one a different pattern. Repeat the process to get a second set and have pairs great for earrings.
Special Note: The edges of the diamonds are sharp, so I'd recommend filing the corners to soften the edges.