Twisted Turtle Studio

JE0401 Metal Earring Blanks

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Elevate Your Jewelry Creations with Artisan Earring Blanks

Transform your jewelry and art projects into stunning masterpieces with our meticulously hand-crafted metal earring blanks. Crafted with precision, these blanks are the ideal canvas for enameling, metal stamping, and a wide range of artistic endeavors.

Our earring blanks are thoughtfully designed in pairs and are available in a variety of premium materials, including 24-gauge copper, 18-gauge aluminum, and more. While these raw metal blanks have been expertly sanded to remove burrs, please be aware that they may exhibit minor surface scratches and may benefit from some additional finishing or polishing.

Unleash your creativity and explore endless possibilities with our artisan earring blanks. It's time to craft with confidence and bring your artistic visions to life!

Please note that all products are hand-crafted upon receipt of your order and may take up to a week to ship out.