Twisted Turtle Studio

IDSH0801 Hummingbird Copper Impression Stamping by William Rice


Elevate Your Creative Projects with Copper Impression Stampings

Unleash your creativity and craft stunning jewelry or enhance your art projects with our 22-gauge copper impression stampings. These versatile pieces are your canvas for crafting personalized designs. You have the freedom to cut them into your desired shape and finesse them with your preferred sanding and polishing techniques.

Every impression stamping is a unique work of art, hand-pressed with care. Each piece measures a versatile 1" x 1", offering endless possibilities for your creative endeavors.

It's time to elevate your artistry with our exquisite copper impression stampings. Bring your vision to life and make your mark with confidence!

Please note that all products are hand-crafted upon receipt of your order and may take up to a week to ship out.